Fortnite Mad! We review 10 creative Fortnite tattoos!

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fortnite tattoo

Fortnite Tattoo are all the rage!

Fortnite is a very popular video game with millions of players worldwide! So it is no wonder why some players may become Fortnite mad and actually have the characters tattooed on their body!

In this article, we go through a few exmaples of the infamous fortnite tattoos!

Fortnite Llama Tattoo

First up we have the Fortnite Llama tattoo. The Fortnite llama symbolises hope, knowing there will be some life saving items within it, allowing you to get that all important fortnite win!

Its no wonder this plater has tattooed the fortnite llama on his arm. Maybe its because he loves the design, or maybe its because it symbolises hope!, in game and in life!

We give this tattoo a 9/10 for artistic skill, shading, colouring and the sharpness of the overall tattoo!

Fortnite Llama Tattoo

Tilted Towers Fortnite Tattoo

Up next, we have the Tilted Towers fortnite tattoo. To keep the game fresh, fortnite changes the game map every 2-3 months. One of the much loved map locations has recently been removed, that location being – Tilted Towers. It seems this player misses the location so much so, he had the location tattooed on his arm! Thats what we call dedication!

We rate this fortnite tattoo a handsome 7/10.

Tilted Towers Fortnite Tattoo

For the Win Fortnite Tattoo

Up next we have a dedicated player who is keeping track of his enviable fortnite wins! Maybe he hasnt come across fortnite tracker, a website which allows you to track your wins! Instead he has tattooed his wins on his arm!

We give this tattoo 8/10 for creativity and… Bravery!

Fortnite Tattoo

Tell us what you thought of the fortnite tattoos shown above!

We think its brave, and if you love the game, and it symbolises something personal in your life – we believe you should do it!

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Thats all folks!