Body Piercing Courses London

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Body piercing course

Body Piercing Course in London Introduction

Our body piercing course in London is perfect for both experienced and beginner body piercers. We have students attending our courses from the UK, Europe and even international locations, making us an industry leader and unquestionably one of UK’s most sought-after courses.

The nature of our piercing course in London is to provide competent training and experience to create expert body piercers, producing body art at the highest level. The course is CPD approved and recognised in the UK, Europe and internationally.

We dont bulk up our courses with unnecessary information leaving you confused at the end, instead, we focus on whats important – Piercing.

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Practice on live models on our Piercing course

Our teaching staff are registered, professional tattooists, accumulating over 80 years experience between them. The classroom environment we create allows our students to practice on live models, as well as bring their own models*, all under the supervision of our qualified teachers.